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Zexsazone Tourister Bowie The Outdoor Backpack In Teal – 35 Litre Capacity, 17″ Laptop Backpack

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Product: Bag
Type: Office travlear
Material: polyester
Character: printed
Brand:  Zexsazone
Manufacturer: Apro India Services Private Limited
Origin: India
Color: sky blue 

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When it comes to outdoor adventures, having the right backpack can make all the difference. The Zexsazone Tourister Bowie backpack in teal is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, offering a spacious 35-litre capacity and a range of convenient features. From a dedicated 17″ laptop compartment to an external bottle holder and a shoe compartment, this backpack has everything you need for your next adventure.

Spacious 35-Litre Capacity

The Zexsazone Tourister Bowie backpack boasts a generous 35-litre capacity, providing ample space for all your gear. Whether you’re heading out for a day hike or a weekend camping trip, this backpack has room for everything you need to bring along. With multiple compartments and pockets, it’s easy to stay organized and keep your essentials within easy reach.

Dedicated 17″ Laptop Compartment

In today’s digital age, staying connected is important even when you’re exploring the great outdoors. The Zexsazone Tourister Bowie backpack features a dedicated 17″ laptop compartment, allowing you to bring your technology with you wherever you go. Whether you need to catch up on work or simply want to share your adventures on social media, this backpack has you covered.

External Bottle Holder and Shoe Compartment

Staying hydrated on the trail is essential, and the Zexsazone Tourister Bowie backpack makes it easy with an external bottle holder. You can keep your water bottle within easy reach, so you can stay refreshed without having to rummage through your pack. Additionally, the built-in shoe compartment allows you to keep your footwear separate from the rest of your gear, ensuring everything stays clean and organized.

Durable and Stylish Design

Not only is the Zexsazone Tourister Bowie backpack functional, but it also boasts a durable and stylish design. The teal color adds a pop of personality, while the rugged construction is built to withstand the demands of outdoor use. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness or navigating the urban jungle, this backpack is up to the task.

Comfortable and Ergonomic

Comfort is key when it comes to a backpack that you’ll be wearing for extended periods, and the Zexsazone Tourister Bowie delivers. The padded shoulder straps and back panel provide cushioning and support, reducing fatigue and discomfort even on long hikes. The adjustable sternum strap adds stability, while the breathable mesh fabric helps keep you cool and comfortable.


With its spacious capacity, dedicated laptop compartment, external bottle holder, shoe compartment, durable design, and comfortable fit, the Zexsazone Tourister Bowie backpack is the ultimate outdoor companion. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting to explore the great outdoors, this backpack has everything you need to stay organized, comfortable, and prepared for whatever comes your way.


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